X1 - VB for 3 x AA batteries


X1 - VB 

A small LED-lamp with unbelievable features:




Latest when adjusting the beam the first time, you will understand which incredible light source you are holding in your hands.

You can use the spot beam for signaling at bad visibility, or you enjoy the colourfull underwater world with a broad illumination.

Our X1 is the first and only LED-light that offers a perfect light quality at each focussing adjustment. This was achieved by using an especially designed optical system.


Switching on and off works independent from water depth and water pressure and by using just your thumb. We do not use the old fashioned and not ergonomically method of turning the complete head of the light. The adjustment of the beam works without a mechanical stop, what allows an operation even with thick gloves.


The x1 is a modular system which can be expanded by different components.

As well you be able to upgrade your light by any new LED development.


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