TWINLED  LED lamp head


The new TWINLED lamp head for the first time covers all tec-diving demands.


Both the first power stages provide the required spot (8°) with good penetration in all waters. The third stage then combines the spot with a medium reflector at full power and fulfils with that the requirement for "intelligent focusing". Intelligent focusing takes place when the loss of brightness due to big light dispersion is balanced out by simultaneous increase in output.

Naturally a fitting with 2 x spot reflectors is possible too.

The newest version is also available with one or two 60° flood-reflectors for video.


The lamp head has been milled from a single aluminium block and thus maximum sturdiness has been achieved. Scratch-proof, hard anodising in black provides for long-lasting, good looks.

A Goodman handle in hard and soft construction forms part of the package.


The TWINLED lamp head can be supplied in two designs: the first as expansion of the existing PHOTON / LED-CAVE system. The second model can be connected to rechargeable battery packs from third-party production.





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