TWINLED-CAVE  (Test report)

Our LED canister system with unique LED light head.

Equipped with two Cree XM-L LEDs and a maximum light output of 2000 Lumen. That equals the brightness of 2 x 50W halogen lamps.The LED lamp head has been milled from a single block od aluminium and is extremely robust.

Apart from the 3-stage dimming, it is also possible to switch the light pattern (8 spot and 20 medium) by the installation of two different reflectors.

The newest version is also available with one or two 60 flood - reflectors for video.

Here is a detailed describtion of the TWINLED lamp head.

All the requirements of a demanding and safety-conscious diver have been fulfilled with the TWINLED-CAVE. Multi-tested electronics, durable LEDs, high redundancy and a sturdy casing sets the trend.



As accessory we offer a holder for fixing the canister to the dive tank.


This system is also available (option) with switchable canister and e/o-cords!



Combination possibilities here

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