The PHOTON/PHOTON2 LED light head is very compact but powerful LED lamp head.


At maximum power the LED in use (Cree  XM-L2) reaches a brightness of a 50W halogen lamp.


The removal switch ring activates both power stages with a turn of the thumb. As a safeguard against switching on the switch ring can be pulled off and attached to the handgrip.


Two different reflectors are available for the PHOTON lamp head - a 10° spot and a 20° medium. The spot reflector is normally preferred in tec-diving. Those who consider the PHOTON the perfect diving lamp for normal dives and who frequently dive in tropical waters, often choose the medium reflector. The reflectors are interchangeable.


The PHOTON LED lamp head is available in two different designs. Firstly of course as a lamp head compatible with our LED light system and then also for connecting to a 12V rechargeable battery canister from third-party production.



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