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mb-sub.com: LED-CAVE



LED - CAVE   (Test report) 

a professional canister light system with considerable advantages. Source of light is finally a real high-performance LED with a maximum luminance of 1200 lumens. Significantly brighter than the susceptible 10W HID bulb and virtually indestructible. 6000K produce a natural colour reproduction.

Equipped with the best rechargeable batteries which are available for diving lamps: Lithium-Manganese-batteries. 

LiMn-batteries have absolutly no memory-effect, nearly no self-discharge and no performance drops during cold water dives. The capacity of 13,5Ah enables a burning time of 12 hrs. at max. performance with subsequent emergency lighting of approx. 1 hrs. The LED-head is dimmed and operated by turning the switching ring. The same function is performed by turning the head in the clip and in the Goodman-handle. This LED-system is convertible in both directions: the tank system turns into the PHOTON and vice versa (option). The canister does not have to be opened for charging. The charge socket is inside the connection adapter for the LED head.



As accessory we offer a holder for fixing the canister to the dive tank and a clip or a Goodman-handle


This system is also available (option) with switchable canister and e/o-cords!



Combination possibilities here


Price list here