TRILED-head with 3600 Lumen


In 2 months we will put on the market our new LED head TRILED.

A LED head for the highest demands:

3600 lumen from an ergonomically formed, extremely robust housing.

The case is milled from a massive aluminium block.Maximum security by multiple redundancy; all three LEDs have her own driver.

Switchable light beam between 8 ° spot and 20 ° medium

step 1: 10 W spot (=1200 Lumen)

step 2: 20 W spot (=2400 Lumen)

step 3: 20 W spot + 10 W medium (=3600 Lumen)

Light power perfect for cave diving, too good for simple dives!


Nobody needs more light power!



The first pictures shows only the housing without LEDs and reflectors.