X1-VB / X1-FF



If your new LED - lamp shouldn´t be a stopgap:


Primary Backup lamp  X1-VB and X1-FF


It is the first time that such a quality of light was achieved with an adjustable beam from 3° up to 25°.


The X1-VB allows an incredible signaling effect with the full focused light beam with 17.500 lux.

Just turning the front by 1/2 turn generates a really good illumination with a beam of 25°.


In case you are looking "only" for a backup lamp, you can use the fixed focus version X1 - FF. This version uses only the extreme narrow beam of 3°, that allows signaling at very poor visibility.

The X1 - FF achieved an incredible brightness of 21-000 lux.

The X1 family is designed aa a modular system with 2 different battery containers, for 3 x AA cells and for 3 x C cells.

All components are interchangeable.


Look at the X1 - VB


Look at the X1 - FF

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